Monday, June 27, 2011

{FF NC 21} ”Minnie, I love you…” Part 1

Couples: [Main]KyuMin|[Minor]KibumxSungmin (I don’t know the name of this pairing, haha)
Genre: Angst(WARNING!)|Romance|Smut(OF COURSE! LOL)

Kyuhyun lifted Sungmin’s legs to his waist. Sungmin wrapped his legs tightly. The younger kissed the elder’s neck, earning a soft moan from him. Kyuhyun nibbled Sungmin’s milky skin softly, made sure that he marked the elder as his. Then, he ground their member together. Sungmin let out a long moan because of it. 

”Minnie…” Kyuhyun whispered between his panting, “Are you ready?” 
”Ahhnng…just do it…” Sungmin whispered back. 
Kyuhyun took the bottle from the nightstand and spread the lube on his fingers. He pushed one finger slowly into Sungmin’s entrance. 
”Ahhhnng…” Sungmin whimpered. He threw his head back. Kyuhyun pushed one finger again and Sungmin arched his back up with a louder moan. And on the third finger, Sungmin fell down again, clenched his jaw and breathed heavily. Kyuhyun thrust his finger in a rhythm. 
”AH! KYUHYUN!!” Sungmin screamed as Kyuhyun’s fingers grazed his sweet spot, his prostate. So, Kyuhyun did it over again just to make the elder screamed his name loud. Kyuhyun felt it was the time to stop so he pulled his fingers out and replaced them with his member. 
”Minnie…Minnie…uunnghh!” Kyuhyun forced his self not to cum too early. Just heard Sungmin’s moans, he could be so turned on. 
”Kyuhyun! Aaaaahnng! Kyuhyun!!” Sungmin moans in pure ecstasy. And Kyuhyun did what his hyung asked. He made his thrusts as faster, deeper and harder as he could. 

Having reached their climaxes, Kyuhyun collapsed beside Sungmin. They breathed heavily. Sungmin rolled so backed the magnae, crying. 
”Sungmin…” Kyuhyun whispered. He hugged Sungmin’s waist and kissed Sungmin’s head. 
”I’ve told you, Kyu! This is wrong…so wrong!” Sungmin whispered, desperately. 
”Minnie…” Kyuhyun made his hand wrapped Sungmin tighter. 
”Kyuhyun…you’ve known it…! I have Kibum, Kyu…I have Kibum…! We even haven’t done what we did just now!” Sungmin yelled in his cry. 
”It’s okay, Minnie…It’s okay…I won’t tell anyone about this…” 
Sungmin didn’t answer his affair, but his sobs became softer. 
Kyuhyun turned him around, kissed his lips gently and said, “Let’s sleep for now, Baby. We have schedule tomorrow.” 
Sungmin nodded. 

After Sungmin had been falling into a deep sleep, Kyuhyun caressed his cheek. He kissed the elder’s lips once again and whispered, “I love you, Sungmin…I really do…although I’m just your affair, It doesn’t matter…the important thing is…I do have you as mine too…” 


>”Fuck!” He grunted. Kyuhyun clenched his teeth, tightly. His hands became fists. His eyes were full of anger, no, it was jealous. He was staring at two boys who elder than him in the same couch, kissing, cuddling, tickling and laughing. Kibum and Sungmin. He threw his face away and walked toward the bathroom. 

Having reached his destination, he hit the mirror with his fist until it was broken. He felt the blood from his hand but he couldn’t feel the pain. The sounds of broken mirror brought Leeteuk ran toward the toilet. 
”Kyuhyun! Your hand! What’s wrong with you?!” Leeteuk shouted. Kyuhyun didn’t answer the leader, he looked away from Leeteuk. He turned the tap on and washed his bleeding hand with the water. When he gazed the edge of the mirror, he could see Kibum and Sungmin who had just come. Sungmin’s face was paler when he saw what was happened with him. But, he ignored it and kept washing his hand. 

”Aigoo, Kyuhyun what ‘s happened?” Kibum asked with a worry tone. He grabbed Kyuhyun wrist and observed it. 
Kyuhyun didn’t like the treatment since it was from Kibum, the beloved of the boy whom he loved, he slid his hand from Kibum’s as gentle as he could and said between his teeth, ”It’s okay, Hyung…” 
Leeteuk began worrier, “Kyuhyun…what’s wrong?” 
Kyuhyun kept his mouth shutting and walked out from the bathroom to his room. 

He threw the aid-box onto his bed. He was looking for bandage in it when Leeteuk came in and locked the door. Leeteuk sat on the same bed and stared at the magnae. 
”I know something is happening, Kyuhyun. Tell me!” The leader said in an unusual tone of him. 
Kyuhyun just shook his head and kept trying with the bandage although it was difficult to bond it with one hand. Leeteuk sighed and took the bandage from Kyuhyun and helped him. 
While his hands were wrapping the magnae’s hand, he kept asking, “Kyuhyun, don’t be silly. I know there’s something happening between you two.” 
Kyuhyun gasped but he controlled his tone, “Two? What do you mean?” 
Leeteuk stopped a while to observe Kyuhyun’s face and continued, “You and Sungmin. What’s wrong with you two? I know something happening, so don’t waste your energy for keep lying to me. Now, tell me!” 
Kyuhyun sighed heavily. He’d known he couldn’t lie to his leader. So, he told Leeteuk everything, about how they loved each other, how Sungmin chose Kibum since Kibum was the first who told love to him, how he told Sungmin about his feeling and decided to be Sungmin’s affair which agreed by Sungmin himself, about how they did sex every time Kibum wasn’t around… 

Kyuhyun’s story was just gonna come into the end when he and Leeteuk heard something broken outside the room. They looked each other and hurriedly went out. And they saw a terrible scene. Kibum was glaring at Sungmin with angry eyes while Sungmin was crying in front of him, touching his reddened cheek. It seemed like Kibum just slapped Sungmin. Pieces of glass were spread on the floor. He really heard what Leeteuk and Kyuhun were talking about in the room. 
”Shit…he heard it…” Leeteuk whispered, but the magnae seemed didn’t hear it. He just stared at the fighting couple. 

”I can’t believe it…You…He….” Kibum pointed at Kyuhyun, “Fuck, Sungmin! I’ve trusted you! I’ve trusted! We even haven’t done what you did with him! And you…you…!” And once again he slapped Sungmin on the face. 
Sungmin was crying louder, a slight of crimson liquid flowed from his lips, “No…Kibum…Baby, please let me explain…” He sobbed. 
”No! NO! Sungmin you…shut up…! I don’t need any explanation!” Kibum yelled again. He turned his body and headed to the door. 
”No…Kibum…” Sungmin grabbed his wrist just to be shoved by the owner until he fell. 

Kyuhyun blood was boiled. He grabbed Kibum arm. Before Leeteuk could stop him, he had punched Kibum right on the face. 
”Fuck you! Didn’t you see that he’s bleeding?!!” Kyuhyun screamed like crazy to Kibum. 
”So, what?! He deserves it!” Kibum spat. 
Kyuhyun raised his hand to hit Kibum again but that time Leeteuk stopped him. 
”Kyuhyun! Control your anger!!” He said. 
Kibum smirked and hissed, “What? You want to hit me, huh?! Look at you! You’re the one who has to be punched, Cho Kyuhyun! You’ve known that I have relationship with Sungmin, and you still did it with him! Be awake, Kyuhyun! You’re the one of wrong sides here!” 

Kyuhyun stopped struggling and stared to Kibum. The older just left and slammed the door harshly. Leeteuk let Kyuhyun off from his hand. Kyuhyun seemed having hit by Kibum’s words. Sungmin was still sitting on the floor, still being shocked by what happened earlier. 

Kyuhyun looked Sungmin and he squatted until his eyes were in the same level with Sungmin’s. 
”Sungmin…” He whispered but, no response from Sungmin. He wiped Sungmin’s blood with his thumb. Sungmin was still shocked. Kyuhyun hugged him tight. 
”Minnie…please answer me…” Kyuhyun said. Leeteuk looked to them and decided to leave. He thought he had to give them time. So, he opened the door and went out slowly. 

Kyuhyun was still hugging the smaller boy, and he still didn’t feel Sungmin hugged him back. He sighed and let the older off. 
”Minnie, I love you…” 
”Stop, Kyuhyun…” Sungmin whispered, cut Kyuhyun’s words, “We should stop…” 
Kyuhyun felt something lost from his heart, “What…do you mean…?” 
”We have to end this…we have to…I…love Kibum, Kyuhyun…” Sungmin whispered again. 
”No…Sungmin, wait…” 
But, Sungmin stood up, ignoring his affair. Kyuhyun couldn’t breathe properly. He felt his breathe became heavy and something hot rolled down his cheeks. 

He stood up and grabbed Sungmin wrist. He pinned Sungmin on the wall and kissed the smaller with a rough way. But, Sungmin still didn’t give him any response. He opened his eyes just to see Sungmin’s blank eyes in front him. 

At that time, he’d known. Everything was over. 

He freed Sungmin wrist and fell down on the floor. Sungmin just walked out and closed the door behind him, leaving crying Kyuhyun behind. 

Kyuhyun clenched his jaw. His hands became fists. He stood up and walked into the kitchen. He opened a draw and took a metal thing from it, knife. He grabbed it tight and walked out the dorm. He walked toward one apartment. And opened it slowly, made sure the he didn’t make any sound. He tiptoed and he could hear someone was begging in one of the rooms. 
”Kibum…please…I love you…I really love you…”Sungmin whispered, desperately. 
”Stop it, Sungmin! I won’t change my decision! We’re over! We’re totally over!” Kibum yelled. 
”Please, Kibum! I knew I was wrong…please give me one more change…” 

Kyuhyun hated it. Kyuhyun totally hated the begging voice of Sungmin. He opened the door and could see Kibum was backing his position. He ran toward Kibum’s body as fast as he could. 

Everything was going like a slow motion scene for Kyuhyun. He ran toward Kibum. And he could see Sungmin’s shocked face. It was done so slow in Kyuhyun’s eyes. Sungmin flipped his position with Kibum’s with a warning screamed. 

Kyuhyun looked down to see much crimson liquid flowed from a wound flesh, the knife that was being held by him to his hand. When he looked up, he found someone’s face. Pair of brown eyes that he loved so much. Cheeks that he always caressed. Pink lips that always he kissed… 

”No…Kyu…hyun…don't...” With those words, the boy fell down slowly onto the floor, and laid there…lifeless… 

The metal knife fell with a loud sound. 

It was over… 

Kyuhyun knew his life was over without the lifeless boy on the floor and he could his voice became a cracked scream. 


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